Sunday, February 26, 2012

We're alive and well, I swear!

Yes, we're alive. I know it doesn't seem like it, because I haven't hardly posted here at all, but it's true. I am on overnights right now, which actually means I get to see the ponies in the daylight occasionally--and that makes me happy, except that I am too tired to ride. I did, however, ride the other weekend just in the arena (because of course the neighbor's dog was going nuts and doing the run and hide, then jump out of the bushes at the fence thing--and here's me thinking I should probably not ride a very green, hasn't been ridden in ages mustang out next to that). Sage was as usual a trooper about everything, and her "I don't want to trot" issues seem to have been forgotten.

Chinook is pretty much huge, and getting bigger on a daily basis. Overall he is a stellar boy, but I don't do much with him other than groom him and pick out/trim his feet. He stands tied for about half an hour almost every night, and it's nice because you can tie him up just to get him out of your hair while doing chores and he just stands there no matter what. I like that in a horse. I can see where having a gelding will be different from the girls. I also put a saddle on him the other day just for kicks and giggles--he's already worn a saddle pad with a "cinch" around his belly--and acted like he didn't even notice. I think that despite the little baby things he does that can be annoying (nipping, pushing, etc), he will be a good boy.

What I'd really like to do is get out and hit the trails...nice easy ones, preferably accompanying someone with a dead broke horse that can just lead us along. This isn't really possible at the moment, but I'm hoping it may be at least this summer. I am searching for board (yikes!) in British Columbia and preparing myself for the financial craziness that is Canada and the HST (double yikes!). I think Sage will be a star, we just have to get out there more. And when Chinook is old enough, he'll make a great little (err, big) riding horse as well!