Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bath day!

Because it was super warm yesterday (though not today at all...back to cold and rain!), and because Gabby has to be bathed on the first warm day of the year to relieve her of a chronic rain rot problem, we decided that it might as well be bath day for as many of the horses as possible. We have guests visiting from Europe, and one was keen enough to help out with the salon process. Sage got her mane detangled again, she got brushed, and then we thought we'd try a bath with some conditioner to make her extra shiny. It's not like she's really dirty, but I figured it would be a good experience for her.

At first, she was a little bit nervous about cold water coming out of a hose and splashing her...

...but once she was assured that everything was just fine, she settled in for some pampering.

Lots of conditioner to be massaged in!

She seemed to quite like all the attention from her new-found friend.

Meanwhile, the other horses were drying from their baths in the sunshine on the driveway, and Chinook was trying to impress Brandy with his rock pile climbing skills.

Tomorrow, so long as it isn't raining we're going to try to take Sage and Chinook to Willamette Mission Park for a walk. I have been thinking about this for a while, and although it's a little far to go just for the heck of it, it's a really good place for young horses. It's really horse friendly, lots of open space (I used to ride Luna there all the time), and it would be a great experience for Sage and the kid. If all we do is get them in the trailer and head down for a picnic, it would be great--just to get them out to see things without the stress of riding. We'll see how it goes!

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