Friday, July 1, 2011


I've been busy working at the lameness clinic for the past few weeks, but in the evenings I have been trying to ride and/or lunge Sage. She is doing great! Last night, I saddled her up and took her out into the pasture to ride instead of the arena. She was rock solid, felt so much like a broke horse underneath me. It's amazing. So far we've just been walking, though I'm teaching her verbal commands for the other paces on the lunge line. (I tried getting her to trot once with me in the saddle, but this was unsuccessful--remember how hard it was to get her just to walk forward??)

And, as promised, here are some more pictures of Chinook from the other evening. He was such a wild boy, tearing around the pasture like a race horse!

Bugging his mom, of course...
And there he is, chasing Gabby off like he's a full grown stallion. What a brat!

I can say that he's been very good to work with, though. He walks really well on the lead, and we've been working hard on picking up feet. Now, I can take him over to the grooming area, "tie" him up, and brush him and pick out his feet. Soon his little hooves will need rasped, although he's doing a very good job of wearing them down on his own on all the gravel around here.

That's it for now--Patrick and I are headed out on vacation for a week. More pictures of the horses when we get back :)

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