Saturday, August 28, 2010

Day two, settling in

Sage is starting to settle in a little bit. She once again at most of her hay, and (success!!) drank about a quarter of her water bucket. Considering how little she was drinking earlier, that's a lot.

This morning she allowed me to touch her with the lunge whip again before breakfast, but was a bit distracted by a family of deer bounding through the neighbor's pasture.

She also met Patrick for the first time, and although wary at first, quickly settled in and let him stand at the gate and take a few pictures.

We put Brandy in the corral with her again for a bit to let them chat and get to know each other more. I bought Sage a rubber feed pan and had left it in her pen last night with some alfalfa pellets in it. Brandy, being the hoover that she is, headed straight for them. Although Sage didn't realize what she was protecting, on occasion she drove Brandy away from the feed pan. But Brandy always slinked back for more. Sage watched carefully as Brandy ate the pellets.

Soon most of the pellets were gone, and Sage became curious about the bowl. She came over and licked it, then picked it up and scattered the remaining few pellets. I took Brandy out and went to get some grain and more alfalfa pellets. I walked in and turned over her feed pan, shook the grain a bit in the scoop, and sprinkled it in.

As soon as I backed up, Sage's curiosity got the better or her and she took a few bites. She made the funniest faces and tongue and lip motions as she sputtered and spit much of it out, but she continued to try to eat it. She seemed to think it was pretty decent, which is great because soon she'll need grain and vitamins.

I think when we come back to her the whole pan will be empty.

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