Monday, August 30, 2010


It's only a been a few days, and Sage has already eaten her grain two mornings in a row just like the three other girls. She met Patrick again, and she also met Liz, a friend from class. She'll now approach the gate even with strange people around.

She also had a big lesson in what the wheelbarrow and pitchfork are, as I cleaned her pen for the first time yesterday. Surprisingly, she thought the wheelbarrow was pretty cool (cautiously but curiously she approached it) and she loved the pitchfork. She very much enjoyed toying with the plastic part with her lips, and offered to approach much closer than normal just because she was interested in the fork.

We've done a few sessions with the lunge whip and as of today she is completely comfortable with the lunge whip all over her body. I let the stringy part just fall all over her, wrap around her ears, and even flip it under her belly, and she could care less.

She was much more sensitive about my hands being near her, but after 20 minutes of persistence tonight, I was able to rub my hands on her shoulders, neck, and face. She was tentative at first, but settled into it quickly. Although you still can't approach her quickly and pet her, I anticipate it will only be a short time before that's possible!

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