Tuesday, September 21, 2010

And we're back...

I got back home on Monday morning, which was going to be a busy day because the farrier was coming to reset shoes on Brandy and Luna (both of which take a long time). I didn't get much of a chance to work with Sage at first, and I had a few concerns before I even got out there. Would her week without handling make her flighty again? She was just beginning to halter and lead before I left, and I was thinking that it might take a day to get back up to that point again.

I shouldn't have been concerned, because she let me halter and brush her right away. In fact, I think she did some thinking about what she'd already learned because when I asked her to lead up she was perfect. A fluke, I thought. I tried again later. Same thing; she was leading perfectly no matter where I walked her around the pasture! So much for her being wild again. I even started to teach her to pick up her feet, which she caught onto very quickly.

Today I haltered her, groomed her, and practiced leading again. She willingly followed me through the gate and into the arena, she learned how to back up, and she knows how to keep her head tuned into me and stick with me. I can't imagine how startling it must be to have such a sudden change in your life and then have some person throwing ropes all over you, but she has been doing so well it's just unbelievable!

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