Thursday, September 2, 2010

Out with the big girls

One week ago today, I picked filly #47 out of a herd of young mares at the corrals in Burns. Sometimes it feels like it's been months and other times just a few hours.

Last night, Sage successfully spent the night in the barn (aisle and stalls) with Brandy and they didn't destroy anything. She even ate grain halfway in a stall this morning (I'm trying to teach her that she has to eat grain in her stall just like every other horse on the place).

Today she's out with all the girls together, as pictured above--although Brandy was standing next to me trying to mess with the camera instead of eating with the others. Let me tell you, this adds a new element to the training process. However, she will now after some persistence, let me approach and pet her out there.

She even tried (and spit out) a piece of one of our homegrown watermelons!

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