Monday, November 29, 2010

More walks, more excitement!

It was brilliantly sunny this weekend, so Patrick and I took Sage for a long trail walk all around (some of the places we've been before, and others we haven't). There were lots of exciting things to see this time: barking dogs, kids, cars, lawn tractors, leaf it was just a beautiful day out. Sage was excited, and several times she squealed and shook her head and tried to run off playing. Of course I didn't allow bad behavior, but it was kind of fun to see her a little riled up. Overall, she was a trooper and walked really well. Definitely a trail horse in the making!

Oh, and (with some struggle), I checked out her teeth again tonight. Her permanent central incisors are about halfway erupted, so that means she'll probably be three in February. She was definitely a big girl for two, so it makes sense that she was born pretty early in the season!

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