Sunday, April 24, 2011

Getting closer!

The last two days were fantastic and sunny, and the girls enjoyed lots of time out on the grass pasture as you can see. Sage is lumbering around like an elephant, but she clearly has enjoyed the dry weather. She and Brandy spent lots of time outside in their dry lot exploring the trees and searching for bits of grass on the track (a long trail that connects our two barns). They accompanied us near the garden as we worked outside and Sage was especially friendly towards Patrick--she has certainly become a lovebug!

Sage looks ever closer to foaling. From Thursday on, her vulva has become extremely relaxed. Although her udder and attitude are much the same, the changes under her tail suggest that he could be getting very close. She has faked us out a few times now, but I think this time we might be getting close for real!

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