Monday, April 18, 2011

Growth spurt?

Sage has currently surpassed everyone's best guesses on a due date...much to my farrier's chagrin! He has foaled lots of mares out, and his guessed date is a week past now. I must admit, I didn't think she would be bagged up and "ready" for so long and just keep dragging this out. The farrier thinks its a boy, cooking as long as it is.

I don't really blame her for hanging on, considering that other than a brief glimpse of sun yesterday and today, the weather has been pretty miserable. She is clearly a little bored (as they all are when grass time comes around and they can't go out because it's too wet), so I've been trying to pay lots of attention to her to make up for it. It's hard though, because school is quite busy this term (normal, I guess).

The other night Patrick and I were brushing her, and he remarked about how big she was. I was about to respond that she isn't any taller than she normally is, but then I stepped back and looked at her, and sure enough her croup has definitely risen a few inches. Seems like the girl's going through a growth spurt! Well, she's only 3 after all. It's hard to remember sometimes because she's so quiet, being so full of foal.

So I guess the overall message is that we're still waiting. I'm hoping the sun stays out for a bit so they can continue to enjoy time on the grass--every spring I slowly work them up to full grass turnout, but that's nearly impossible if it's soaking wet. Otherwise, I'm just watching and waiting patiently until the foal decides to make an appearance!


  1. She's just beautiful. Good luck... i wish for her an easy delivery and a beautiful, healthy babe!

  2. Thanks so much! She is definitely trying to hold out on me...but I don't care when it comes as long as it is healthy! :)