Monday, February 14, 2011


I thought I would first share some images I took on Saturday of the girls being cute and wonderful (as always).

Sage has been losing her winter coat like mad, and she appreciates a good grooming. Today I got home somewhat early. After toodling around a bit on Brandy (who has had several lameness issues and is slowly being brought into walking-only riding), I brushed her and we played a bit in the arena.

She has been quite spunky since learning to trot with me, and now she is especially a joy to work with. We did walk-trot-stop transitions, backing, circling, and neck reining for about 15 minutes. Then I worked on old things like walking up on the arena wall to stand above her, and balancing my legs on her bareback. All of this will help us when she gets back into real training again!

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