Sunday, February 20, 2011

More vaccines

I can't be sure, but I'm guessing Sage is roughly 1-2 months from giving birth. Her belly changes a little bit every day. Sometimes, it sticks out a little more to the left, and sometimes it points downward. Sometimes, she hardly looks pregnant at all. I have tried unsuccessfully to feel the foal moving for the last few days.

Although it's hard to notice when you see the horse every day, I do believe her tail head is becoming a bit more prominent. This was the point at which I told myself I'd give her the rest of her vaccines. Conveniently, the Prestige V vaccine was on sale at the feed store, so she got her shot tonight. I'd rather be a little too early than too late, as the idea of giving these just before foaling is to provide lots of antibodies to the foal via the colostrum (and these take some time to develop). We also bought 5 big bales of straw, to have on hand for preparing the foaling area in the barn.

Since this is a busy upcoming few weeks for us as students, you probably won't be hearing much more from me for a bit. But soon, there will be lots of updates with a cute, fuzzy, frolicking baby 'stang! I can't wait!

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