Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second ride!

This time I got on Sage by myself after a little bit of ground work. She was a tiny bit nervous but was great overall. I worked on bending her neck to the left and right, and of course she was curious about me in the saddle. She first walked forward on her own, and it took me a bit but I was able to stop her. "Whoa" is definitely something to work on. She turns quite well, as we've had a chance to work on this on the ground a lot.

I then tried to gently squeeze her forward, and without someone to lead her it took her a minute to figure out what I wanted. But she did! And we did a few rough circles before stopping. I was about to get off when she walked forward again, and I did a one rein stop to keep her from moving again. Definitely like a normal young horse. She also was good enough to do a little backing up.

She has been really great with Laura, who has been brushing her every day and treating her like a normal horse--although you can tell sometimes she gets a bit nervous about things, she handles everything really really well.

What a good pony!!

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