Thursday, December 30, 2010

They might be destructive, but they're pretty darn cute...

I should have seen it coming. Sage has been standing by the gate in the barn between the two sets of horses teasing at Gabby. So when I looked out the window yesterday and noticed horses in different pastures, I shouldn't have been shocked to go outside and find the gate mangled on the ground.

Though the destruction doesn't look that bad in the photo, the gate is ruined as the bottom grid part has popped off at the bottom of the bent portion. Amazingly, no one was hurt, but I know it was Sage who did it because she was a little bit sweaty and very guilty looking when I went out there. Well, although I was mad at her, there really isn't anything I could do but rig up some temporary panels and prepare to buy a new gate (which will, interestingly, cost more than Sage cost in the first place).

Since today started out sunny, I let the girls out in the pasture for a while, hoping that later this afternoon I could take Sage for a walk in the sun. Unfortunately, the fog rolled in from the valley faster than I thought possible, so they got a few hours out in the sun and we'll have a foggy walk later. Oh well, at least they had fun!

Edited to add:

Saddled up and ready to go for a walk! Notice the fog--just a few hours after the earlier pictures were taken.

She was a very good girl. As she usually does when we get to the big grass seed field, she squealed a bit and tried to kick up her heels. When she does this, I remind her that it's not okay and then work on other things until she settles down. Sometimes when we're way out on the field and she wants to do something else, she'll take a little nip at me as if trying to pull me in the direction she wants to go. For this, she gets in trouble because that's really not okay. It doesn't take much body language to make her stop, lick her lips, and chew. Overall, she is incredibly well behaved for a horse of her age out on the trail alone. I am just getting nit-picky because she's so good. We usually just saddle up and go! I can't wait until summer (or whenever my schedule and the weather allows) to trailer her somewhere where we won't have to walk partway along the road and we can hit some real trails!

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