Saturday, December 11, 2010

Stay tuned...

So finals are finally over, and even when they were going on I had a few moments to saddle Sage and do some work. No more walks because the weather has been very very wet, but lots of small stuff in the arena.

Since I regularly stand on the wall and torment her--put my legs over her back, tousle her mane, jump up and down, etc--I figured today she was ready to try me actually in the saddle. I've put weight in the stirrups several times, but today I finally hopped up and just stretched out over her saddle.

I didn't actually sit up because no one was out in the barn with me, but I laid out over back several times and she was excellent. No trouble at all. Definitely a good first-almost-ride.

I sat on Brandy and walked around the arena so she could watch again, and I think she's pretty chill with the idea. Just another one of those weird things that people do!

Stay tuned for the first ride (and pictures!)

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