Friday, March 18, 2011

Final exams are over...let foaling begin!

Okay, I know it's not that easy...but one can only hope, right?

As you can see from the photo below, Sage has developed a bit of an awkward little udder. Although the photo doesn't really do it justice (there's more milk in there than you think!), I'm happy to see that she's showing classic signs and not doing the maiden thing and just foaling without bagging up.

Like I've said before, she literally looks like she's going to pop. Sometimes she lumbers around, but she can still get a little wild every so often and trot around. But she looks like she's just full, and I can't imagine that moving so quickly is very comfortable!

Since there has been so much foal activity lately, I've been trying to capture it on video. Of course, the moment I bring the camera out, the movement is NOTHING like the normal alien-tapeworm-beast looking movement! But, I uploaded a couple of videos anyway. The first is just to demonstrate what a nice lazy afternoon it is around here, and how cute those two are together (Sage and Brandy--often called Bran Muffin).

And here's a little bit of foal movement. Not much, but hopefully you can see it!

If you can't, I did manage to capture an alien-tapeworm-beast moment on still photos. Look at how far her belly pokes out in the top photo and compare to the bottom:

Mustangs are definitely wild, even in utero! I wonder if Sage realizes what's going to be happening soon...

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