Thursday, March 10, 2011

Foal time is almost here!

Well there, I've said it. I think this baby is just about ready to come out! And by that I mean within the next few weeks. Sage has been looking progressively more relaxed in her butt and she has even developed what I would call a little bit of bagging up (roughly 1/4 full). So yesterday I switched the horses around to "go" position: Sage on in the other half of the aisleway and Gabby and Luna out with Brandy. So now Sage has her own stall, a long section of aisleway, and the whole arena to herself. When the time comes, the aiselway will be filled with straw for her to foal.

She is a such a trooper that she doesn't mind this arrangement at all. She's always bee quite flexible, willing to go wherever as long as there's some food. She's definitely been more flexible than Brandy about a lot of things. Take for example this week: on Monday I brought home three mini ponies from the vet school, ones that we had used in surgery class, to stay here for the week before they go off with Patrick's cousin to fulfill their lives as kids' ponies. They are pretty much the cutest things you've ever seen. I keep them in a stall away from the others, as I don't want Sage to interact with them (and contract something like EHV!). But every morning and evening, when the horses are locked in their stalls to eat their grain, I let the little fellows out in the arena. The first time I did this, Brandy just about climbed up the walls. Sage just looks at them like "Oh, huh, those things are kinda short" and moves on with her day. I suppose she thinks the are just foals!

Speaking of foals...Tonight a good family friend came over to visit the horses (and the ponies!), and we spent quite a while just petting Sage, who was very content to relax and have some soft, quiet attention. She was so amazed at how calm Sage was--she has met her before, but it was in the phase when Sage was still a little nervous around new people. We felt all over her belly, and after a while, the baby started to move a LOT. There were several jumps out of both Sage's right flank and left lower belly area. Poor girl, the little thing is so active! I just hope it comes out soon...this waiting game is difficult already!

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