Monday, March 14, 2011

Just some photos

It's finals week, so there's nothing much going on here except for me studying (and shamelessly watching re-runs of "Heartland" while I do so). But the horse work never goes away (good, that's how I like it), so there's still time every so often for some pictures.

Here are some from tonight; it's been blustery and gray but then there will be fabulous (albeit) windy sun breaks--very spring-like weather. Sage goes from looking like she's going to pop out a foal any second to barely being pregnant to popping at the seams the next. She's a little more bagged up as of today, though her teats haven't changed at all. She continues to eat me out of house and home in alfalfa pellets, enjoys her daily naps with Gabby, and takes great pleasure in teasing Brandy. All in a day's work for a mustang!

Brandy is always on the lookout for her best friend.

There's my little girl!

I know what you're thinking--she doesn't look THAT pregnant. But really, for a 3 year old maiden mare, I think she looks huge!

Since she's been shedding out, her brand has been coming in clearer. I can't count the number of times people have asked me what happened to her neck!

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