Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foal watching and waiting

Since yesterday, Sage has bagged up even more, and the muscles around her tail head really are best described as "Jello" (just like everyone says!). Here's a shot of her from this afternoon--once again, I feel as though she doesn't always look that pregnant in photos, but I'm realizing this is because it's hard to get the depth/shadows quite right to demonstrate this properly.

She enjoyed a quiet afternoon grazing outside with the girls, but as you can kind of see from the expression she has on her face, I think she's uncomfortable. For the last two days, her respiratory rate has been pretty high. She takes deep, stressed out breaths, especially in the evenings. She's also started to half-heartedly crib, which definitely makes me think she's trying to make herself more comfortable.

Poor little girl...she looks a bit distant, doesn't she? I don't really blame her. I brush her twice a day to make her feel a little more relaxed. She enjoys having her butt scratched. Isn't her little muzzle cute?

Although I don't necessarily think that tonight is the night, I will definitely keep checking on her often. My only wish is that she acts like a normal wild horse and foals at night, so that I can definitely be here. In any event, everything is ready for the little bugger:

What do you think...colt or filly? Bay? Roan? Sorrel? Black? The possibilities are endless...!


  1. I can't wait to see pictures! :D

  2. I can't wait either--the suspense is killing me. And it's not even like I've been waiting for this foal for almost a year; I don't know how people do that!