Thursday, May 5, 2011



Now, before you get too, I don't know whether it's a boy or a girl, and no, I wasn't there for the birth. However, Sage is a pretty smart girl. As you know, I've been watching her for every little change (probably over-interpreting every little change). For the last few days, she's been out in the dry lot with the other horses because the weather has been so nice. This arrangement doesn't allow her to get to her straw, because then all the horses would get in there and mess things up.

Last night, she didn't seem to have any more signs than usual, so I left her out. This morning, I turned them out to the pasture for four hours (about 6:30 am), and Sage was sassy as ever. They came in at 10:30, and she scarfed down her alfalfa pellets as usual. My plan was to let her back out with the other girls, because despite the clouds coming in, the ground was still dry.

But she came back to the barn door as I was cleaning up, and she stood there, and I swear she was telling me that she that she NEEDED to stay inside. Knowing she likes to nap on the ground between like 11:00 and 1, I let her come back in to sleep on the straw. I added some more straw to her aisle way section, gave her some hay, and left Luna in the other section of the barn to keep her company. She peed a few times, rolled (nothing super out of the ordinary, but still I was suspicious), and then went back to eating. I figured I would come home tonight (I have to go to school from about 11:30 to 5 pm) and find her standing, bored, in the arena as usual. Although I thought she was acting a little off, I thought that I was getting faked out again as usual. When I left, she was eating hay.

Then, I'm at school--which is over an hour drive from home--and I get phone calls from my parents saying that there is a baby horse RUNNING around the arena! And that it's brown! And that it's SUPER CUTE! Of course, today is the ONLY day at school where we have a required class (which I'm about to try to get out of), but alas, I am still at school...just waiting to get home! In the meantime, my mom took two pictures on her phone:

So, more updates as SOON as I can!

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  1. Congratulations!!!! A "Cinco de Mayo" baby! Truly a blessing...
    Sending good wishes your way...