Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mustang in training

Once again, it's been a busy few days for Sage and Chinook!

He has been such an independent, big boy! He wears his halter twice a day during feeding time. Although he first pitched a little fit about this, he quickly learned to stand still for me to put it on and take it off. He's also learning a bit about backing up (mostly because he's trying to learn how to bite, and I'm trying to avoid him getting in my space a little too much). It seems that he just that he wants to play, but I can't let him get obnoxious, so I discipline him in the same way Sage would--a little shove, a little "nip."

He's an active little guy and nurses a lot. When he's not nursing, he's running circles around Sage and trying to cause trouble. He LOVES to be scratched all over, especially on his hips, which he can't really reach without falling over.

In order to keep him occupied, I've been teaching him to let me pick up his feet. He's doing really well with that, although his attention span is about that of a gnat, so I don't do anything for more than a few minutes.

Look at that soft little muzzle! He tries to eat grass just like mom, and I taught him to lick the spoon that I use to mix the soaked beet pulp and alfalfa pellets that I feed. This has led him to try to eat some of Sage's breakfast and dinner mash, but he can't quite figure out what the big deal is just yet.

Did I mention that he likes to run??? They spent a few hours out in the driveway last night, and he would find a spot to hide (like behind the tree or the horse trailer). Then when Sage would call for him, he would come running to her, nicker, and take off again. Speaking of nickering...he's also learning to talk! So far he has nickered at me a few times. He gets a little bored when Sage is eating her pellets, and if I don't spend some time playing with him, he stands at the fence looking very pathetic and lets out a little squeal.

He's also insatiably curious and loves rocks! We have a pretty big rock pile in the driveway from when the barn was built. He spent a long time exploring this, which is great for his mind and for his beautiful little mustang feet. The pictures below are of him scaling the rocks like a mountain goat. He just couldn't get enough of them.

Just goes to show that you can take the mustang out of the wild, but you can't take the wild out of the mustang!

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