Monday, May 16, 2011


We've had almost 3 full days of sunshine, which is some sort of miracle by western Oregon standards! I took these photos a few days ago, but it's been busy so I finally got around to sharing them here.

What a little dork he is. I think he was shaking away some gnats.

He's curious about everything and loves to play, especially if it involves scratching his belly.
He also LOVES to run, and he's so much more independent now that he can make big laps around the pasture without a worry about his mom (I think she's quite glad for this, because he's kind of a brat sometimes!).

Sage and Chinook go out with the other horses during the day and come in to their own grass pasture at night, where Sage gets extra feed. He's brave about approaching the others, and they are quick to keep him in line. He's definitely learning how to be a real horse!

Did I mention he likes to run?

And that he's also really, really cute??

He's been leading really well. I can halter mom and halter him to take them out to the pasture and other places, and he follows very nicely. Sometimes he pulls back on the rope (as you would expect), but within a few seconds of pressure, he steps forward quite nicely. He's definitely got it figured out; it's just a matter of when he wants to listen and when he doesn't. :)

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