Monday, May 23, 2011

A young stallion he is!

Chinook is growing like a weed...and don't let that innocent face fool you: he totally thinks he is a big, tough mustang stallion! Well, he is a bit more civilized. He leads very well. In fact, we took a walk tonight the 3 of us, up to the garden and back. The cutest thing in the world is to see him following behind, the lead rope swinging, his little feet tapping lightly on the gravel. Makes you wish they'd never grow up. He's also getting very good at picking up his feet, especially the back ones. I might be just a bit biased, but I think he's a pretty smart cookie. :)

He met some of the 4H kids yesterday, and he was a bit wary at first. But pretty soon he was hamming it up and getting scratched from every direction, which is pretty much his favorite thing in the world.

Then he decided that he was going to be a show-off, and he pinned his ears and started "snaking" Gabby--that is, the way you see mustang studs herding mares with their head and neck stretched out flat. Now, you would think a two week old colt couldn't herd an adult mare, but then you'd be under-estimating Mr. Chinook. Gabby listened to him and ran away as he pursued, and this just encouraged his behavior. Now, every time he's near her, he tries to chase her because he thinks it's good fun. Needless to say, this little trick doesn't work on Brandy or Luna...thankfully! He doesn't need to think he can walk up to just anyone and push them around. He already thinks the world basically revolves around him (which, I suppose, it does).


  1. He's still a little darling and we love seeing the new pics. Just precious!

  2. He is a very good boy :) He cuddles a lot, and he loves his belly scratched. Although he runs around and kicks up his heels, he never offers to kick at me (which a lot of foals would do). And I take so many pictures of him that it's hard to pick just a few to post. :)