Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I can't believe that it's already May, and nothing much has changed around here. Okay, well, it's warm and dry for once...but I've heard that's quickly going to disappear before the end of the week. In the meantime, the girls have been quite well transitioned out to the grass pasture, and when they are in the dry area, they like to move around and seek out any tiny bit of green they can find. In the picture above, they are hanging out near the garden and the little loafing shed behind the house.

Sage looks a bit wide in the above photo, I think. She certainly does hobble around slowly. But progress in that department has been less than stellar. After the loosening I noted in her back end, she hasn't changed at all. She does occasionally look uncomfortable, but is otherwise totally normal--eats, drinks, poops, gets brushed, and that's about it.

Oh yeah, and she's still really cute!

She still likes to look dramatically "mustang" sometimes, as you can see. Her hair is completely unmanageable. Sometime this summer, she's going to get a good bath and some de-tangler.

Those two bay girls are pretty much always eating, and I think that's what they plan to do for the rest of this nice sunny day!

I promise to update as soon as anything more exciting happens. In a few weeks, I will officially be on a short but sweet vacation before I start my clinical rotations. So there's going to be a lot of mustang time here soon!

Edited to add: After I wrote this, I planned to take Brandy for a walk up the road. Yesterday we took a short ride up there, and she was kind of a turd about being by herself (which is something she's grown into after 4 years of not really being ridden). So I wanted to get some exercise and take her out, but as soon as I got the halter, Sage was at the barn door and I swear she was asking to go. So I took her instead, and we had the most enjoyable walk. The sun was shining, the birds were singing...Sage is sure slow, but she is excellent out by herself. She had a couple of good snacks, some time in the sun...and now they're all out in the pasture rolling around in the green grass! Check out what a cute little cow she is:

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