Monday, January 31, 2011

Best mustang ever

Every other weekend, a group of 4H kids comes to ride in our arena. They bring 6-8 horses and ride as a group for a few hours. When this first happened, Sage was quite put out by the number of people and all of the activity. Now, the girls get really excited and Sage and Brandy spend a lot of time with their heads hanging over the arena wall trying to see what's going on--and likely figuring out a way to cause trouble! I am very much enjoying seeing her interact with new people, which is really the point of this post.

My friend Dee Dee from class (who has met Sage several times now) came over and we spent some time brushing the girls. Now, Sage has lost almost all of her fear of being approached and handled by new people. We brushed her all over--she's starting to shed out like crazy--and then moved on to her feet. Though she was a tiny bit touchy with her back feet, she let Dee Dee pick up and clean out all of them. It may not sound like a big deal, but to me it's pretty cool.

Now if only this little baby mustang would pop out healthy and happy. I don't like the uncertainty of all this...but alas, there's no way to know anything more. We'll just have to wait and see!


  1. Has Sage had an ultrasound yet?

  2. Not yet, though as I understand (from my very limited experience with assessing foals via ultrasound), late gestation sonography is not incredibly helpful in determining fetal age, which is really what I'd like to know. :) However, I would say that the baby's activity has definitely increased--pretty much every time I feel her belly I can feel it moving. I am still guessing we'll have a baby here in March or April! (Though who knows, it could be June!)