Friday, January 28, 2011

Change of scenery

Okay, not really scenery, but little miss Sage did get to do a little bit of work tonight in her English saddle!

So yes, it really IS possible to ride a moose English!

I didn't actually ride, just did a little bit of roundpen work. It's been a long week and I'm exhausted. But, I still want her to remember what her job with the saddle is all about, so we went to work.

As we were coming out of the aisle, she caught the saddle on the panel and it scared her, so we worked on that for a bit before getting down to some trotting in the arena, neck reining, flexing, and other regular ground work. She was very well behaved. I practiced what it would be like if I were about to jump into the saddle from the ground, and she wasn't phased.

She did get a little bit sweaty, which isn't too hard to do considering it's pretty warm out (45 degrees or so) and she's got a winter coat fit for Yellowknife (though it's starting to shed):

Sage would like to tell all of her blog readers that she's cute and that she's absolutely tortured:

To get all the kinks out, she had a good roll. Then she got tied to the "post of knowledge" for about 15 minutes while I cleaned stalls. They get concentrates twice a day, and I don't want her thinking that she can get done with her work and go straight to eating in her stall.

I have to share the pictures of her rolling because they are extremely adorable:

Also, for those interested, this is what Sage's daily menu currently consists of:

~30 lbs orchardgrass hay
5 lbs Safe Choice (Nutrena)
1 lb alfalfa pellets
1/2 lb beet pulp

As you can see, that baby mustang takes a lot of fuel!

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