Thursday, January 13, 2011


Busy day, but yesterday I forgot to mention that I found a large ascarid worm (dead)in a pile of manure--needless to say, this likely came from Sage. I'm sure the BLM corrals are teeming with ascarid eggs, not because it's a horrible place, but just because anywhere you have a lot of young horses together like that is going to be. I have been watching carefully and have not seen any yet until yesterday (and believe me, I see a LOT of poop every day), nor have I seen any more.

Well, she got de-wormed. She wasn't incredibly thrilled, but she let me do it without a fuss. Usually what I do when I deworm or vaccinate is get everyone in their stalls with their halters on, get their grain ready, set it outside the door, quickly do the deed, and immediately give them their grain. Of course they figure this out, and it really improves their behavior. I will use the same technique when I give her the EHV vaccine in a few days.

Sage also learned to stand tied in the aisleway all by herself tonight while I cleaned her stall. I usually keep the rope around the post loose while I groom her. I have never "taught" her to tie. I don't think you really teach a horse to teach them what they're supposed to do when they feel pressure on the rope, and then you wait for them to put it together when you're sure they will do the right thing. It's like vet school, kind of. They don't teach us everything, but they give us the tools to figure things out in new situations using what we already know.

Anyway, more updates soon!

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