Monday, January 3, 2011

Sunny walks!

It was quite cold but amazingly beautiful and sunny today, and Sage (and Laura, and my dad) and I had an excellent trail walk. We did a great little mile or so loop, and she was perfect. We even met the garbage truck twice on the road, and all she did was snort at at like, "Well, THAT was a rude vehicle!" She has her moments, but she definitely is the kind of horse that weighs nothing in your hand, which I love. I'm not yanking on her and she's not yanking on me. It' awesome and I love it!

And while I ran some errands this afternoon, the girls got to enjoy the pasture (probably for the last time for at least a few days). They are always allowed outside, but the grass is limited to the summer and dry, sunny winter days--which are not that common here in western Oregon.

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