Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's official!!!

We're having a foal!!!

Sage's estrone sulfate levels came back today and were quite high--2400 ng/ml. Over 6 is supposed to indicate pregnancy. Well, she's definitely pregnant!

It's hard to say how I feel about this. I mean, of course it's exciting. How could it not be? But it will definitely be challenging. I think we're ready for that, though. I actually feel a little bit lucky to be in this situation, because I would never/will never breed any of my mares on purpose. I feel like there are so many horses out there that I could always adopt one. Still, it's going to be nice to experience this: my very own baby!

I've been careful to treat her like she's pregnant so she's been getting enough food. She's definitely going to be vaccinated, and we may try to ultrasound her. If she isn't tractable to this idea, then I'm just going to hope that there aren't twins. Twins are highly unlikely, anyway. It would be nice to know how far along she is, but here's what we do know for sure: she is at the very very least 6 months along. I suspect she is more like 8. Of course I'm around them every day, so I will constantly be checking up on her. I'm hoping it will be obvious when she is nearer to term, but being a maiden mare it may not be. I have not felt the foal kicking nearly as strongly as the other night, but I am lucky enough to catch a few kicks here and there. I know some people never feel their foal from the outside.

Thankfully, we are covering equine neonatology in school this term. What good timing!

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