Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sage turns 3

I forgot to mention the other night that I checked on the progress of Sage's little incisors. They are currently in wear (all the way erupted), making Sage three years old.

It's hard to be believe that she could have been born so early in the season (I'm guessing roughly February), but then again, I don't know what the season was like that year or when mares in her herd normally foal. I've seen mustangs born in November, so stranger things have happened, I guess.

The reason why I'm paying so much attention to this is because I want to try to guess as to when she was mature enough to first have been bred. Obviously, we know that June is the last possible month she could foal because of when she was rounded up. But it would be nice to know what the earliest month is. It's difficult because she's a maiden, and because of this, she may not look "as pregnant" as mares who've foaled before. But at the moment, everything's just a guess.

With my luck, she'll foal during finals week. "Sorry Dr. Schlipf, but I can't make it to the large animal neonatology final because my mare is foaling..." Talk about real life studying!

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